distressed asset services for owners
distressed asset services for owners

Distressed Property Services & REO Property Management

For partners with distressed real estate assets and REO property, EpiCity offers an unparalleled opportunity to maximize their value. We manage bank owned properties through court appointed receivership and have rehabilitated assets where investors, owners, and/or lenders realized real financial benefit from our ability to quickly understand the issues and reposition stressed assets for maximum value. EpiCity will listen, evaluate, create, and execute a rehabilitation plan both quickly and efficiently, breaking the asset “cycle of decline” before it’s irreversible.

  • REO Property Management
  • Court Appointed Receivership
  • Distressed Real Estate Asset Consulting
  • Real Estate Asset Protection Services

How We Help

Too often, there is a focus on just eliminating costs which can be detrimental to real estate operations. This thought process generally creates a self-fulfilling prophecy and sends the asset into an irreversible “cycle of decline.” Decades of experience rehabilitating distressed assets helps us know what to look for and helps us find the root cause of the issues plaguing the asset. We understand the situation, develop a plan, and execute a strategy to achieve the most favorable outcomes in tough circumstances.

We will optimize your business processes and streamline your asset management services. From property management to facilities management, you will have one point of contact creating a seamless experience for you and your tenants.

Liquidity determines whether assets will be sold quickly or slowly and if the price will be above or below market value. A property that is easy to sell and purchased at market value is liquid. We will increase your asset’s liquidity through asset repositioning, diligent facility management, cost controls, and proven marketing strategies.

When it comes to the eventual sale of the property, you can depend on EpiCity to market and sell your property to achieve the most favorable outcome for all interested parties. From strategic planning, pricing, and competitive analysis to contract negotiations, we’ll help you maximize your asset’s value.

For more information on limiting losses and maximizing recovery, please download our whitepaper on troubled assets. View Whitepaper.

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Who We Help

We help lenders who have a troubled real estate asset on their books or through receivership. In most cases the bank has foreclosed on the property due to payment default or maturity default. At this point the lender is aware that the property is distressed and engages our help to manage every aspect of the asset from high-level strategy to boots on the ground facilities management. In other cases, when lenders start seeing the warning signs an asset may be headed for trouble, they engage EpiCity to audit the situation and provide a recommendation on how to proceed.

When an investor realizes that their investment is at risk, they contact EpiCity to assess the situation facing the property and to prevent the asset from falling into the Cycle of Decline. Being able to quickly identify key issues like mismanagement, unnecessary cost overruns, and declining rental rates, and then swiftly correcting the problems has prevented many of our clients’ assets from becoming distressed.

Through no fault of their own, an owner or developer may encounter hardships throughout the course of their project. Issues may include financial challenges, lending troubles, or problems with the general contractor. EpiCity assists these clients in turning a distressed project around before it’s too late, making it profitable once again.

Do You Have a Distressed Property?

When a property enters the cycle of decline, it can be hard to pull out. However, if you recognize the signs and know how to get help, you can improve your chances of successfully exiting. Download our white paper to learn how to limit losses and maximize recovery.

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