brokerage services for landlords
brokerage services for landlords

Commercial Brokerage Services

Whether you are a landlord looking to fill available space or a tenant/buyer searching for the perfect space to lease or buy, our team will guide you through the process and represent your best interests. With decades of commercial brokerage experience at your side, rest assured we will help you find the best fit for your situation.

How We Help

EpiCity has an established track record of finding our clients the right space for their requirements. You can be confident that our experienced brokers and senior analysts will take all your needs into account to find the right commercial space that serves you today, and into the future.

  • Present and future needs analysis
  • Site selection
  • Property availability research
  • Relocation vs. renewal analysis
  • Lease vs. own analysis
  • Lease/contract negotiations
  • All asset types including office, industrial, and retail

EpiCity will evaluate the adjacent trade area and comparable assets to develop a sound strategy for promoting and marketing to prospective tenants or buyers. Our proven method allows us to lease space with eligible, profitable tenants in a timely manner or sell the asset for maximum value. We determine how each property fits as well as how to make it stand out, whether for a single building or a multi-market portfolio. Specialists in branding, tour strategy, and workplace practices partner to analyze an asset from different perspectives and propose a strategy to optimize growth and improve leasing velocity.

  • Strategic planning and competitive analysis
  • Property marketing for lease and/or sale
  • Asset repositioning analysis, strategy, and implementation
  • Tenant retention strategy
  • All asset types including office, industrial, and retail

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Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial Brokerage Services

Our dedicated team has been working in the Atlanta area since 1935 (for almost a century) and has all the insights you want from a brokerage team when moving to a new office. Call 404-288-2000 now to talk to a real person and have all your additional questions answered.

A commercial real estate broker is a person or company that represents the buyer, landlord, or current/future tenant(s) in the agreement of leasing or owning commercial real estate. They can also provide consultive guidance to the party they represent.

At no cost to you, your interests are our top priority throughout the buying or leasing process. We’ll find commercial space that meets your requirements and setup showings. Our brokers have access to the top listings before they become available to the public giving you the edge. We work with landlords, buyers, sellers, and developers, to negotiate the perfect deal for you and your business.

A broker is not required to find and negotiate your new office space, but neither is a lawyer when fighting a court case – It’s in your best interest to have representation. And the best part, is hiring a broker doesn’t cost you anything. A broker provides you knowledgeable insight into the local market and stays by your side through the whole process, ensuring you have a positive and smooth transition.

You can search for office space on your own through Loopnet and other websites, but many landlords prefer working through a broker. Using a broker increases your chances to find the perfect space, while also removing many of the headaches you would otherwise run into.

This greatly depends on your company’s borrowing power and if your business is in the right position to make this kind of an investment. There are pros and cons to every decision made and this is no exception. Leasing will allow you more control of where your capital and resources are allocated. Buying will mean a decrease in capital but an increase in control of where your business operates. Buying also allows the company to use the asset as an investment in the long run and can generate income by leasing space if the property has available area.

Leasing an apartment or home is simpler because the contract is typically the same: a tenant typically pays a landlord to use their property between one month and eighteen months. A contract with a commercial space can include many other options like tenant improvements, amenities in the office, any desks or equipment included, internet access, utilities used/required, and almost anything else can be included in the negotiations. The leasing term is typically longer with commercial space as well. A broker will provide a lot of value negotiating the terms of the contract.

Real estate brokers are paid through a commission when the deal is closed. This commission is paid for by the landlord or seller and at no cost to you. Please keep in mind that not using a broker does not mean you will get a better deal. Instead, the entire commission will go to the landlord or seller’s broker, and you will likely have less negotiating power on your side. Commissions are typically negotiated before the contract is signed and depend on the sale price. Commissions on leases are based on the total rent over the lease term.

Most importantly, find a broker that has local knowledge and experience. Make sure to find someone that you can trust and that has your best interests in mind. Certifications can be a good indicator of how well a broker knows the industry, along with their track record. A broker with more clients and experience means he or she is trusted and has negotiated quality deals that have benefitted their clients in the past. If a broker is high-quality, their previous work and testimonials should not be hard to find. In fact, they should be on display.

Yes, consider how much money will be spent in total on your deal and make sure you feel confident both personally and legally before you sign anything. As with any contract or other legal document, it’s a good idea to have your attorney review the lease.

There are always going to be positives and negatives for both options. However, commercial real estate’s lease terms are usually three to five or more years, so the tenant turnover rate is typically lower. Turnover can be one of the priciest expenses for landlords.

When looking at the basics, there is not much of a difference. A commercial real estate agent, or broker, specializes in buying or selling and leasing commercial space. A residential real estate agent focuses on buying or selling residential real estate. There are no specific laws for a special commercial real estate license, nor any specific legal qualifications for commercial brokers, however a residential real estate agent is not going to know the nuances associated with commercial space. The difference comes in when we look at the specialized aspects of each. A commercial broker should be familiar with valuation, tax treatment, aspects of leasing, management, trends in your local area, and commercial lease negotiations. They also have insider knowledge of the available commercial real estate for sale or lease which a residential agent won’t have.

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