When Experience Matters

Epicity Real Estate Services When Experience Matters

After nearly 68 years in the Atlanta area real estate market, EpiCity Real Estate Services has seen a lot. We are currently in the third generation of the Stokes family business and all those years of experience is what helped get our clients, and us, through the hard times we have all had over the past few years.

Our commercial and residential property management expertise and nimble size allowed us to make the necessary changes to our managed properties in order to survive the financial crisis. Although Georgia was hit hard in the real estate markets we believe our properties are coming out stronger and more streamlined than ever.

The financial crisis and the housing collapse created an interesting niche for us in the special asset and distressed property markets. Lenders and investors came to us with foreclosed properties and other special assets during the collapse. Just like we don’t perform our own root canals, banks and investors chose to not manage their recently acquired properties and contacted EpiCity instead.

By quickly identifying the weaknesses and the strengths of the properties, then swiftly taking aggressive action to get the asset back on track, we were able to successfully improve and increase the occupancy at the properties we manage throughout the ongoing recession. We attribute the success to our dedicated and experienced staff. Without the years of experience in the Atlanta area real estate market to help guide our strategic decisions, EpiCity would be just another property management company. Instead, our experience provides us, and our clients, with value that is unparalleled in today’s market.

EpiCity is a small, personal firm with big firm resources. To learn more about EpiCity and how we can use our expertise to increase your profitability, please contact Tom Stokes at tstokes@epicity.com or call (770) 457-2300. To read case studies regarding commercial or residential property management assets we have turned around in the past few years please click here.

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