EpiCity Offers Certified DeKalb County Housing Inspections

Dwayne Bowman DeKalb County Housing Inspector EpicityLong time staff members Dwayne Bowman and Tracy Sprague of EpiCity Real Estate Services recently earned certification as DeKalb County housing inspectors.  Following a rigorous and detailed training regimen, each is now designated a Property Maintenance and Housing Inspector.

Bowman, Director for Field Services, with more than twenty years of service with EpiCity, oversees all facility operations.  In this role he has seen just about everything.  Bowman is a licensed Master Plumber and Conditioned Air Contractor.

“This new designation is just one more way to ensure that we’re helping our clients maintain the high quality housing that we’re known for,” says Bowman.  DeKalb County now requires that all multifamily housing communities perform inspections of rental units on a periodic basis. Being pro-active, the EpiCity team became certified inspectors to protect their clients and their mutual customers, the tenants.  “It makes me feel good that we can provide top quality housing whether the rents are high or low.”

Sprague has been a contractor with the company for twelve years.   Together Bowman and Sprague have managed and provided maintenance for thousands of housing units.  “We’ve seen it all,” says Sprague.  “Our experience helps us head off problems before they start.”  Explaining further, he said, “These designations just reinforce what we already know.  We’ll keep the units in top shape and help other property owners do the same.”

EpiCity, Atlanta’s premier real estate services firm, provides asset, facility and property management services tailored to the exact needs of its clients which include individuals, partnerships, tenants-in-common and institutions. EpiCity’s portfolio is a diverse mix of office, industrial, retail and residential properties. As a Georgia licensed general contractor, EpiCity supports all their clients’ real estate needs.  For more information about EpiCity or to inquire about DeKalb County Housing Inspections, please Contact Us via email or call 770-457-2300.

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