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Distressed Asset Turnaround – Interim Management

If you are having problems with an asset, you do not have to go it alone. EpiCity Real Estate Services is devoted to helping lenders and other property owners manage their assets. Our Lender Advisory Services have helped many manage their troubled assets for a full short-term asset turnaround recovery or for long-term property management. We offer all services from consulting to construction. By vertically integrating we can be your complete resource for distressed asset solutions streamlining processes thereby creating a more efficient recovery.

Our experience has shown us that the length of the road to recovery for your asset is directly related to the length of time the distressed property has been neglected. We call this the “cycle of decline” and it can become nearly irreversible. EpiCity Real Estate Services offers a free consultation regarding the state of the asset to find out where your investment stands.

If you have an underperforming asset but are not looking for a long-term property manager, our Lender Advisory Services can focus on a short-term turnaround. This is called Interim Management and it is a great way to get your asset back on the right track to becoming profitable again. We look at your asset completely and develop a strategic plan of action based on our many years of experience.

For example we look at:

  • Controlling Expenses
  • Increasing Liquidity
  • Improving Business Processes
  • Short-Term Cash Flow Analysis
  • Cost-Cutting

By focusing our efforts on high return on investment solutions, EpiCity Real Estate Services can quickly help your asset become profitable again. Please contact Tom Stokes at tstokes@epicity.com for more information regarding Interim Property Management or our complete list of Lender Advisory Services.

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