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How to Freshen up your Space without Breaking the Bank

A new year is a great time to execute some interior improvements to your space. Planning Interiors’ Senior Designer, Naomi Clark, who is part of many makeovers with EpiCity, has identified five top ways to freshen up your space.

1. Paint. This is a reasonable way to refresh your space. Repainting the entire office in light colors, painting accent colors on a wall or two, using wall coverings with patterns to make a wall more interesting, and repainting painted doors are all possibilities to change the look of your space without spending a lot of money. Interior improvements don’t have to me difficult or expensive, take the small wins when you can.

2. Flooring. Tastes have changed when it comes to flooring. People don’t just want carpet anymore. A combination of carpet and the look of concrete flooring is trending. LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) or concrete flooring adds depth and durability to your space and is perfectly mixed in your office with area rugs and small carpeted rooms. The carpet adds warmth and helps create a quieter space, while the look of the LVT or concrete has a wide appeal for big spaces.

3. Accent Lighting. A popular trend in interior improvements is adding accent lighting. Many are switching from fluorescent lighting to LED lighting, and touches of accent lighting are perfect for a conference room, reception area, and other spaces. LED lighting provides a more energy-efficient space and many lighting manufacturers are also designing acoustic elements into decorative lighting to help absorb sound. Dimmable recessed can lights, track lighting and decorative pendants are used to give a more modern look and the ability to have softer lighting. Wall wash and focus lights are also ways to accent a piece of art or something you want to stand out in a space.

4. Furnishings. Little pops of color can really add to your office space. Just by adding a few pillows in your reception area, it can freshen the look. If your furniture is comfortable and sturdy, you may want to recover it instead of buying new. A good supportive office chair may be the most important piece of furniture you own since you spend a lot of your day sitting in it. Also, many offices are going to flex workspace, where they have to sit and stand places to work.

5. Declutter. It sounds simplistic, but it can make a big difference in your space. Organize your office, think about if you really need all of those filing cabinets, and possibly re-purpose a larger storage closet into a phone or small huddle room if you have open space. Just like at home, get rid of things that you don’t need. Plants and a picture frame or two are always nice to have in your office, but by reducing the amount of clutter on your desk it can really make a difference!

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