Powers Ferry Business Park

United Orthopedics Expands in Powers Ferry Business Park

United Orthopedics has called EpiCity’s Powers Ferry Business Park home for more than nine years and has just signed on for another seven years. When the distributor for sports medicine implants first moved into Powers Ferry Business Park from a nearby location, they were housed in 2,000+ square feet in the 100 building. They grew out of that space rather quickly and expanded into the 400 building, doubling in size, to about 6,000 square feet. Large growth for the company continued and they recently nearly doubled in size again, taking over two more adjacent suites, each approximately 2,800 square feet, for a total now of about 11,000 square feet. According to United Orthopedics LLC’s President, Bob Pavloff, they anticipate expanding even more in the not-so-distant future.

“Tom Stokes (President of EpiCity) was willing to work with us to expand our space and accommodate our growth,” said Pavloff. “EpiCity’s staff showed flexibility and built out our new suites, renovated our existing suites and created the spaces we needed for our fast-growing business.”

United Orthopedics’ space includes a large lecture room, training room, five station cadaver lab, and offices. The company has hosted the Sports Medicine Institute at its Powers Ferry Business Park location with more than 20 surgeons and physicians’ assistants in attendance. The company’s staff is proficient in using all of the products for sports medicine implants, and works closely with physicians, even in surgery.

“The centralized location of Powers Ferry Business Park is a big plus for us, too,” said Pavloff. “We have more than 50 representatives in North Georgia and it is a central point for us near I-285, I-75 and Georgia 400.”

Planning Interiors, the design partner for EpiCity, drew up the plans for the new space and the teams got to work. The two new suites needed to be connected and the lab space was made twice as big, which was a main element driving the expansion, along with the additional office space needed. EpiCity’s contractor partner, Scott Contracting was involved in the construction, and Kyle Harrison oversaw the job.

“We are pleased with the custom build-out and they did a great job,” said Pavloff. “They were flexible, on time and even ahead of schedule.”

EpiCity’s design partner, Planning Interiors, then began work on all the finishes. All new finishes were installed in the existing suites to match the new suites, including carpet, paint and accent paints. In the new space they installed lights in the training room and designed the expanded lab. Naomi Clark, Senior Designer, said the most interesting part of the job was the massive size, and that it was wonderful working with a great team of people from United Orthopedics. “Bob and his team were so easy to work with and the work they do is super cool,” said Clark. “They are saving lives every day coming up with integral parts of implants and testing it all right there.”

Pavloff and his team were pleased with Planning Interiors’ work. According to Pavloff, “Naomi was professional and great to work with, helping make design decisions and delivering on the color scheme and flooring.”

EpiCity’s team is excited to see United Orthopedics continue to grow and expand, and are happy the company calls Powers Ferry Business Park home.

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