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The Top 5 Most Likely Areas for Property Improvement – Inside and Out

Keeping up with your commercial property is necessary for keeping your customers happy, and to also prevent costly repairs down the road.  Property improvement is not only advised, but expected for many residents. Here are five basic areas we see as integral in keeping up the inside of your property:

  1. HVAC – Heating, ventilating and air conditioning are a cornerstone of your property.  Maintaining your units is important and may prevent costly future repairs and replacement.  It is also important for your customers’ thermal comfort and indoor air quality. Be sure to look at your diffusers, filters and returns, and have your units regularly serviced.
  2. Plumbing – Leaky faucets and pipes can do a lot of damage to your building. Watch for any water stains and keep your bathrooms well-kept and functioning.
  3. Fire Safety – Are your exit lights properly lit, and are your fire extinguishers functional? Also, make sure all of the electrical wires and cords are in working order and not overloaded.
  4. Flooring – Keep your carpets and hardwood flooring clean, and make sure there are no trip hazards on your floors.
  5. ADA Compliant – Are you ADA compliant? From your entrance to your electronic and information technology, all must be accessible to people with disabilities.

Here are our top five basic property improvement areas to keep up on the outside of your property:

  1. Signage – Is your signage clear and concise and easily visible? Be sure to keep your shrubbery trimmed and the sign clean and legible.
  2. Roof – Like your plumbing, roofs can leak. Be sure to look up when inspecting your building.
  3. Landscaping and parking lots – Planting flowers, trimming trees, and even cultivating a garden is important for curb appeal and customer and employee morale. And a smooth, easy to drive or walk on parking lot makes a huge difference. Keep your area clear of abandoned cars and trash.
  4. Exterior Lighting – A well-lit building and parking area can help keep your property more safe. Ensure that your lighting is functioning.
  5. Storefront and Windows – Keep your glass clean, check your window tinting, and make sure your curtains and blinds are clean and in working order.

Bonus tip: Ride through the property on a regular basis and see it from your customers’ point of view.

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