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Take Advantage of the Recovery: Getting the Office Space You Want

Your checklist for successfully navigating the Atlanta commercial real estate market.

WSC Commercial Office Space

Selecting the right office space for your business requires more than pounding the pavement. By completing this simple checklist prior to beginning your search, you’ll stand a better chance of getting the space you want—today and for the duration of your lease.

Think space and time: If you’re looking for office space, chances are your business is going through some changes—expanding, growing, relocating. Consider what your business is today and what it will be. Go too big, and you’ll wind up with a spatial liability. Go too small, and you’re looking for space again in no time.

How long do you plan to be in this space?

How much growth do you anticipate?

Hint: This isn’t how much growth you’re hoping for…

Some office buildings allow you to lease more space as you need it. For instance, at Wall Street Conyers we helped DWJ, Inc. move into a larger space within the same building after they outgrew their former office space. This flexibility saved them money and was incredibly convenient.

Structured to win: Now that you have a general idea of size and growth, make it concrete. How many square feet, and how much of that is rentable and usable? Decide how much you’re willing to pay per square foot (your budget divided by the number of square feet you need).

Tip: Spend some time talking with your commercial broker. You will be surprised how much they can help.

Access is everything: Do you want 24-hour access? Do you need 24-hour access? Is heat or electricity turned off at a specific time or on certain days? Will your customers, employees, or clients be able to easily park?

Everyday, we help businesses evaluate their best bet for where to build and grow their organizations. The commercial real estate market is rebounding. The recovery leaves you and your company well positioned to take advantage of the market—if you know the right questions to ask and the right people to talk to.

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