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10 Tips to Improve Your Office Space

Typically most of us spend the majority of our days in our office space so why not make it feel comfortable? Comfortable work environments promote creativity and increase productivity. Whether you are moving into a new space or are looking to renovate an existing one, check out these 10 tips to help you improve your office space so that is unique to your business.

1. Change the color of your office: Different color paints are tested to provoke different types of emotions. Depending on your personal preferences or your business goals, you can choose a color that may be more beneficial. For instance, blue typically is more calming and has been thought to increase productivity while green is considered restful, healthy and easy on the eyes.

2. Change up the floor: There are lots of ways to improve an office space literally from the ground up. One way is to add floor coverings. This can be an affordable solution to spice up any office space. Check out the FLOR solution in which you can use square pieces of carpet to design your own floor creations.

3. Add a shrubbery: Well, maybe not a shrubbery, but any plant life can boost the moral in a desolate office. At EpiCity we love to add Orchids to our spaces. Orchids are a long lasting and very elegant flower. It will not only add some color to the room but some life!

4. Hang some lights: Light is good. When most office work typically consists of reading and writing, lights are important. Hanging a pendant light is a great way to brighten up anyone’s day.

5. Just add water: Fountains are a great way to add a calming effect to an office, specifically a reception area. Small fountains are very affordable and can sooth even the most stressed out patients.

6. Put up some art: There are a number of reasons to add artwork to an office. It can be aesthetically pleasing for customers and employees. It also is a great way to express the culture of the office. Artwork can be anything from photos of ­­nearby landmarks, designs of company products, or promotional pieces. If you really want to spice up the office, an art consultant can help you pick out the particular artist or artists who can develop personalized work for your business.

7. Sit or stand? The human body wasn’t designed to sit all day. In fact it can be downright unhealthy. Why not have some options for your employees so they can take a break from the desk and stand up? Maybe have some taller tables available so that they can work standing up or just grab some coffee and collaborate.

8. Open or closed? Not everyone likes to be confined to a cubicle or office. In fact, many modern offices are starting to use a much more open layout. Consider having some open desks or tables in the middle of the office to give your employees a chance to move into a new location for a few hours. Open floor plans have been proven to increase collaboration but they can sometimes be distracting. Find out what works best in your office.

9. Have a theme: Many companies decide to have themed conference rooms. The themes can be based on company culture or on its personality. Imagine if you owned a doctor’s office and had themed examination rooms? Could be a fun thing for patients and employees.

10. Have some fun! Many modern offices are including fun and relaxing features into their offices like slides. Who wouldn’t want to slide downstairs to go to a meeting? If you’re on a budget, why not just add giant Jenga to your break room or have a Lego pile?

Some of these ideas may work for your office and some may not. The goal of this article is to get you thinking about how to improve your office space can be a collaborative, productive, soothing and fun environment. At EpiCity we help lots of businesses in the Atlanta area design and build out the perfect office space that fits the company’s culture and budget. Please talk to one of our specialists for ideas on improving your office space or if you are looking for new space.

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  1. Hi there! Oh wow, you just made me realize that adding some greeneries can inadvertently improve our health condition as well! My supervisor has been thinking if we should move to a separate building away from the other departments. I’ll forward this article to her so she’ll find the right place later.

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