First Impressions Matter: How Landscaping Can Affect Your Business

The Lumberyard Office Lofts CourtyardAt EpiCity Real Estate Services, our care and attention to detail do not begin and end with the interior of your space. We look at the bigger picture for your business and acknowledge that the overall aesthetic of your office space has reverberations for potential clients, existing customers, investors and your employees. The “big picture” of your office space does not live within your four walls but includes the pleasing landscape of our ground.

Here are 4 ways landscaping can boost your business:

1) When a company strives for excellence in all areas, its image helps to distinguish them from the competition. Yes, we get it, you may not be a restaurant and landscaping is not as apparent to your customers as say a bathroom is to diners. However their overall impression of how much effort you expend on the details will be compared to your competitors. Some people rely solely on feelings and the impressions they get, and this makes your visual landscape even more important.

Wall Street Conyers Office Condominiums2) Appraisals of a company’s value can be enhanced by the overall physical appearance of their location. The physical location of a commercial property may be convenient and close to other amenities, but this convenience is bolstered by an aesthetically pleasing outdoor setting. When developers are considering future projects, the presence of a thriving office complex is an advantage for new businesses or those wishing to relocate. This only perpetuates the increase in your assets value and the profitability for the tenants.

3) Let’s face it. Some people make decisions about how they spend their money in subjective ways. We know that as a seller or landlord, and you know it as a business owner with existing clients and potentially new clients visiting your space. Their impressions are influenced by a smorgasbord of factors and a nice exterior is a sign of what to expect once you cross the threshold.

4) A little extra effort can go a long way. We’re talking more than just raking, trimming and mowing a lawn here. We want the customers visiting our tenants to notice the custom landscaping, bright plants and extremely well-manicured lawns. Landscaping is just one of the many ways we’re looking out for you and your business!

We are committed to providing well-appointed interiors AND exteriors at all our EpiCity owned or managed properties. Come visit the grounds at any of our properties and you will see what we mean.

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