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EpiCity Real Estate Services Solves Unique Problems

Maintaining commercial space has its challenges and we asked Dwayne Bowman to describe one of the most unique problems he’s encountered over the thirty years he’s been using EpiCity’s real estate services. One recent example quickly came to mind.

On one of the hottest days of the summer, the 10’ x 10’ water collection pan for the air conditioning system at Wall Street Conyers gave out. Dwayne’s team immediately leapt into action, first providing a temporary cooling system to keep everyone functional. Then they worked on a (more) permanent solution. However, a replacement would cost over $100,000 and take three months to be installed! It was clear that other options must be identified.

Working in a hurry, Dwayne and the folks at EpiCity real estate services went to work conceptualizing a solution. That collaboration on real estate services produced an extremely cost-efficient plan to fully rehabilitate the existing equipment. Various trades were involved – HVAC, plumbing, carpentry, metalworking, and roofing. Yes, roofing. After quickly closing down the system it was drained and cleaned. This is where the roofing came into play. An extremely cost-effective roofing material was found which could be submersed and used to provide the water barrier to make the collection pan watertight. With tactical metal replacements and strategically placed welds the tower was made structurally sound again. Then voila’, the system was back in service within days and for pennies on the dollar versus the full replacement cost. Just another example of EpiCity “gett’n it done” right!

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