Did You Know? EpiCity Offers Property Management Services

EpiCity has been in the real estate business since 1935. Our property management services include personnel recruitment, training, motivation, and supervision, booking, and maintenance. We realize that companies are not a “one size fits all” and look at each client and their needs to create a proactive approach that works for them.

Our experienced property management team features low turn-over, low delinquency, high occupancy, and all of our services are under one roof. EpiCity is forward-leaning with marketing, technology platforms, and money management. We deliver a good value proposition and use a 15-point checklist. We also have long-standing relationships with a premier design firm and a contracting company, and they work with us to think outside of the box and accomplish creative things, producing trendy offices that our clients desire.

One example of a pure third-party property management project is Wall Street Conyers. Wall Street Conyers has all the comforts of home plus the added business amenities needed to boost productivity. These office condominiums offer an experience unlike anything in the area, combining space, service, and support. Wall Street Conyers is a 2-story, completely-renovated office community complex offering business spaces from 450 to 15,000 RSF (rentable square feet) for lease and sale. This includes the largest contiguous block of first-class office space in all of Conyers. Many available office suites can be combined to create efficient spaces that will meet the size requirements of your business or organization. Business continues to be on the upswing at Wall Street Conyers and in the xx years we’ve been working with them, we have seen incredibly positive changes.

We have the right team, values, and motivation, as well as the right tools, including accounting and site management software, to successfully manage your property. If you are looking for proactive property management, please call EpiCity today at (770) 457-2300.

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