A-List Cosmetics is All Smiles at Armour Junction

Brandon Dillard, President of A-List Cosmetics, started talking to EpiCity about its space months before they moved in.  At the time, the company was in Ansley Square Shopping Center, and had grown out of its space.  The company was founded in 2021 and grew quickly, in part from its social media presence.  According to Brandon, they went from 200 followers on Instagram to nearly 40,000 and have almost half a million views per month on TikTok.

Armour Junction by EpiCity is just a short distance from A-List’s old office space and had a perfect fit for the company’s needs.  EpiCity began the renovations A-List wanted and the company moved into its new space in late 2022.  Brandon’s favorite feature is the marble style white and gray flooring.  “The walls are white, and the space has an oasis style feel,” says Brandon.  On the white walls are six-foot photos of happy clients.  The reception area is also a plus for A-List, as is the ample parking, conference room, great neighbors, easy payment system, and responsiveness of the EpiCity staff.  “We also like that we’re in midtown, but it’s not noisy, and I love the sound of the trains going by,” added Brandon.

A-List Cosmetics, a luxury full service cosmetic spa, is best known for its toothpaste which was launched in October 2022, and its veneer collection.  Brandon began as a one-person company and has grown into an office with eight staff.  A-List went from 300 SF, in two 150 SF offices, to 4,100 SF in Armour Junction.  EpiCity is so pleased to have the thriving A-List Cosmetics as a part of the Armour Junction family.

To learn more about A-List Cosmetics, visit their Instagram page.

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