Epic Community Impact Fund – Improving Atlanta One Neighborhood at a Time

The Epic Community Impact Fund (ECIF) is the latest extension of the far-flung reach of Epic Partners in Atlanta.

Spearheading the project is Jerry McGaughy who has extensive experience in investment banking, finance and community development.  Having recently received its Community Development Entity (CDE) certification form the U. S. Department of Treasury’s Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) Fund, ECIF will further leverage its positive impact in the communities where it already works extensively.

According to Jerry, the Epic Community Impact Fund’s primary goal is to be the leading force that positively impacts the revitalization of low-income communities in Atlanta by providing flexible, affordable and responsible capitalization of real estate projects and small business developments throughout metro Atlanta.
Capitalizing on the broad talent and experience of its affiliates, as well as mentoring new development partners, ECIF is committed to increasing its beneficial influence throughout Atlanta.  With its CDE status, ECIF has a greatly expanded ability to provide debt and equity investment for real estate projects.  In addition, however, ECIF now has the ability to provide small business development funding within the low-to-moderate income and underserved communities having the greatest need.
According to Jerry, the second focus of ECIF is to develop the Epic Minority Developer Initiative (EMDI)  having as its mission to grow a class of highly skilled and capable minority developers from within their own communities.  By providing training and mentoring and creating more jobs, as well as partnering with these new developers, ECIF will provide access to capital for mixed use developments.  In this way, ECIF will further expand the development base and enhance the positive impact on the community.

The third central thrust of ECIF is to embrace one of the lesser known components of the new tax legislation which creates Opportunity Zones.  The legislation allows investors to defer some or all of their capital gains from a disposition by diverting them into investment in certain “Opportunity Zones”.  The Opportunity Zones include some of the most underserved communities within the City.

“We live and work in such a great area and are excited about the possibilities of helping create a better Atlanta,” said Jerry.  “We look forward to partnering with like-minded people and organizations to pave the way for new growth and revitalization in the city.”

For more information, visit www.EpicImpactFund.com.

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