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Did You Know? EpiCity Offers Property Management

EpiCity Property Management Landscaping

EpiCity has been in the real estate business since 1935. Our property management services include personnel recruitment, training, motivation, and supervision, booking, and maintenance. We realize that companies are not a “one size fits all” and look at each client…

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From Marketing to Management

When saddled with an underperforming real estate asset it is important to take an objective point of view. Distressed property investments may have multiple issues and it is worth asking yourself some questions in order to get to the bottom…

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Lender Advisory Services in Atlanta, Georgia

When a property becomes difficult to manage prompt action to resolve the issue or issues must be taken. We have talked about that in our blog before. As a lender, the question you must ask yourself is whether you feel…

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Burdened with a distressed property? Now what?

Sometimes it happens without warning. A borrower defaults on their loan leaving the lender burdened with a distressed property. As much as we try and plan for these kinds of things, sometimes an investment goes south. What do you do…

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Sell Now vs Sell Later

When a lender, institution or property owner has a distressed property, he or she is faced with a difficult decision. Sell now or hold on to the asset until it appreciates and can be sold later to get a better…

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