Fire Protection Services Expands at Powers Ferry Business Park

Fire Protection Services, LLC moved into Powers Ferry Business Park in March 2019.  Since then, it has nearly doubled its space, going from 5,000 SF to 8,000 SF in 4 years.  Christian Dodder purchased the company in 2015, where they resided in an executive office suite, going from 1 room to 2, then 3, until moving to its current location.

“We have gone from $700,000 to $7 million in 7 years,” said Christian. The number 7 also comes into playing going from 7 employees to 60 employees in its Atlanta and Perry, GA offices combined. 

In 2015, Christian, an Atlanta entrepreneur, was looking for a business to purchase, as he had just sold a company and he found a good match in Fire Protection Services, LLC.   “I love the certification needed to do the work and that it is required by law to have these services, and also that Google can’t automate it,” he says.

Fire Protection Services, LLC works with commercial clients in the field of inspection and maintenance of fire sprinklers, fire alarms, fire extinguishers, backflow prevention testing, and more.  He and his business partner, Adam Heiser, enjoy what they do and love the growth they’ve seen in a short amount of time. 

They were looking for mixed use space and Powers Ferry Business Park is near Christian’s home, so it was a perfect fit.  “Powers Ferry Business Park is professional, well kept, and in a great location,” he said.  They use the amenities, such as the conference room, every month for staff meetings.

EpiCity is proud and thankful to have them at Powers Ferry Business Park.

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