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Four Businesses Perfectly Suited for 494 Plasters

Artist Rendering of 494 Plasters

Located in Armour Junction, north of I-85 in Atlanta, 494 Plasters is uniquely situated for your needs. This free-standing building can be fully customized to fit your business like a glove. Below are four ideas for businesses that could find great success at 494 Plasters in Armour Junction.

  1. Co-working space – As more Millenials comprise the workforce and employers embrace the flexibility that a modern workforce demands, co-working spaces will proliferate. Currently, Metro Atlanta has about 450,000 square feet of shared or co-working spaces, including about 200,000 square feet concentrated in Buckhead. The Industrious Group has about 40,000 square feet of co-working space spread across Ponce City Market and the Silhouette building in Midtown. Both locations are fully occupied. However, there are currently no co-working spaces north of I-85. 494 Plasters would be an ideal spot, especially for residents who live in nearby Piedmont Heights.
  1. Bar/Restaurant – 494 Plasters is large enough to accommodate your customers and staff. Furthermore, the parking lot has 34 spaces, and if necessary there is nearby street parking. What kind of fare should be served? The surrounding area has plenty of steak and hamburger options, so perhaps a restaurant with an international menu, a bakery, or a craft brewery would fit well.
  1. Coffee shop – Currently, the closest coffee shop is a Dunkin Donuts a mile away. While Dunkin serves delicious coffee and donuts, it is not the kind of atmosphere that encourages relaxation and community. A large coffee shop with comfortable seating and Wi-Fi would provide nearby residents of the Marquis Middletown or Armour Junction a place to socialize, relax, study, work and caffeinate.
  1. Gym – There is a gym nearby but not a large multi-purpose fitness center for residents or employees of Armour Junction. While the Marquis Middletown apartment complex has a small gym for residents, it has only a few machines and free weights. A CrossFit gym, with low overhead costs, or a space for a specialty fitness business like cycling or yoga could do well in this versatile space.

Let’s talk leasing! Give us a call at (404) 288-2000. We look forward to answering your questions and letting you know more about this commercial property in Atlanta.

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