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EpiCity’s Recipe for Surviving & Thriving 80 Years


DL Stokes & Co staff heading to a University of Georgia football game, 1967

Eighty years is a long time for any business to keep the doors open and remain relevant in an ever-changing real estate market. EpiCity has managed to achieve this feat through our hard work, exceptional service and a strong knowledge of Atlanta area real estate.

EpiCity Real Estate Services is a family company that has had four generations working toward a common goal. We were recently asked what’s our secret to longevity and we told them “Its no secret!” However, for entertainment’s sake, here is EpiCity’s recipe for long-term success in Atlanta real estate.

1. Take Care of Your Customers – It doesn’t matter if it is a client with a large commercial asset or a tenant in our apartment buildings. Everyone is treated with the same high level of respect that they deserve. This exceptional customer service helps us to maintain high occupancy rates in all our commercial and multi-family buildings in our multi-million dollar portfolio of real estate assets.

2. Take Care of Your Real Estate Assets – My father once told me that we are farmers and the real estate is our crop. We need to take care of the real estate if it is going to produce for us. We spend a higher than average amount of time and money on our real estate to provide quality housing and offices for our tenants. And because of this, we and our clients stay in business year after year.

3. Take Care of Your Employees – Many of our employees can measure their tenure at EpiCity in decades! Hiring and retaining quality employees create a consistent environment of experienced teammates. Some of our employees are family, and others may as well be. Creating a close knit, family style environment is important because people are important.

4. Learn From Mistakes and Move Forward – The world is not black and white and neither is the Atlanta real estate market. EpiCity has had its ups and downs but we have always persevered. We take every experience, good or bad, and learn from it. This has helped EpiCity weather the economic storms over the past 80 years and gain valuable real estate experience.

5. A Strong Knowledge of Atlanta – Our family has lived and worked in the Atlanta area for over 80 years. We have personally witnessed the changes and observed their effects. This specialized knowledge helps us to continually make sound investments based on our calculated predictions for the future. Using our knowledge of the Atlanta area we keep ahead of the curve and increase our strength as a company.

Well there you have it. This is our recipe for success in the Atlanta real estate market. Thank you to all our tenants, clients, employees, investors and partners. Here’s to another 80 years!

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