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Meet Solomon Carter

Solomon Carter has been an integral part of the EpiCity professional services team since 2002. Today he is excited to be managing partner of the new Epic Patrol Services division of the company. During his fourteen years with the company…

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Commercial Security Solutions – Epic Patrol Services

Commercial Security Solutions Have Arrived! Introducing Epic Patrol Services (EPS), offering world-class security solutions at affordable prices for our clients. Our team, led by Solomon Carter, has seen the devastation of businesses, both small and large, needing security solutions but unable…

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Memorial Drive in Atlanta is Ripe for Development

  Memorial Drive in Atlanta is seeing  multiple development and adaptive re-use projects and EpiCity is excited to be a part of the action. Stretching from the Downtown Capital, east towards Edgewood, Kirkwood and the southern edge of Decatur, the…

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Good Things Happen in 3s: Memorial Drive Development

Gritty, underutilized and peppered with graffiti, Memorial Drive is poised to look radically different in the next 18 months. Three large developers are leading the charge to bring apartments, retail, and dining options to this stretch of state highway that…

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