Monster Beverage Corporation’s Eastern Headquarters Expands in Powers Ferry Business Park

Monster Beverage Corporation’s Eastern Headquarters moved into Powers Ferry Business Park the Spring of 2017 with just over 10,000 SF. Known for its Monster Energy drinks, the company has expanded with another 3,000 SF, taking over the office space next to its current offices. Adding 14 additional private offices and more collaborative open spaces including a lounge, there is more room for its current employees and those coming in from its California offices and other areas of the country. They also expanded their warehouse space and added a patio area.

The East Business Unit makes up one quarter of its North American offices, and oversees 25 states from Maine to Key West, Florida. They originally moved their eastern home base from Marietta to Powers Ferry Business Park to be closer to the Battery and the Ballpark, according to Alex Galvanauskas, Office and Project Manager, and it remains true today.

“We love this busy and active area because we host a lot of activities and meetings for our East Coast region, as well as staff from all over the country,” said Alex.  “Everything we need is here and we enjoy being a part of Powers Ferry Business Park.”

With 32 total private offices, three cubicles, two collaborative open spaces, an open lounge, expanded warehouse/garage, three conference rooms, a breakroom, and even additional restrooms, Monster is deepening its roots at Powers Ferry Business Park.   

“We look forward to being here for at least another seven years!” said Alex.  “The last six years have flown by here at Powers Ferry Business Park.  It’s a fantastic creative space for us.”

EpiCity is thrilled to see Monster’s space grow and look forward to serving them for many years to come.

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