Powers Ferry Business Park

United Orthopedics LLC Continues Growth in Powers Ferry Business Park

United Orthopedics LLC has called EpiCity’s Powers Ferry Business Park home for more than 11 years, and with its most recent expansion, has become the largest tenant in the business park.  When the distributor for sports medicine implants first moved into Powers Ferry Business Park from a nearby location, they were housed in 2,000+ square feet in the 100 building.  They grew out of that space rather quickly and expanded into the 400 building, doubling in size, to about 6,000 square feet.  Large growth for the company continued and they nearly doubled in size again in 2020, taking over two more adjacent suites, each approximately 2,800 square feet, for a total of about 11,000 square feet.  

Recently United Orthopedics added another 3,500 square feet of continuous space.  This additional space involved overcoming some configuration challenges.  As it is below the grade of the existing offices, it required installation of steps and a lift in the warehouse to transfer pallets of heavy equipment between the different levels of the finished floor.  This solution made a tremendous improvement in the operational efficiency of the workforce.  It was another example of the EpiCity team going “outside the box” to implement a creative strategy. 

“It is wonderful to work with Tom Stokes (President of EpiCity) and his team as we continue to grow,” said Bob Pavloff, President of United Orthopedics.  “We are grateful for Naomi Clark of Planning Interiors, EpiCity’s design partner, for her great work as our design needs increase to accommodate our expanding business.  This is the second expansion working with Naomi in two years and we are very pleased with the results.”

United Orthopedics’ space includes a large lecture room, training room, five station cadaver lab, and offices.  The company’s staff is proficient in using all of the products for sports medicine implants, and works closely with physicians, even in surgery.

According to Pavloff, they anticipate expanding even more in the not-so-distant future, as they are already outgrowing its training room.  With a current staff of 70 people, 20 who work remotely from other areas, they need training space for about 120 people, and are already starting to plan for this. Its current training room with three 95” monitors seats 80 people in theater style and 60 in classroom style.

“There are so many things we like about our space, such as the centralized location of Powers Ferry Business Park, that contribute to our success,” said Pavloff.  “We have grown from a staff of seven to 70 and continue to expand our product line as well.”

EpiCity’s team is excited to see United Orthopedics’ team continue to grow and expand and congratulate them on their thriving business.

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