Things We’re Thankful for this Thanksgiving:


  • The Peachtree Creek Greenway volunteers, just to the North of the Armour District, won approval in August from the Brookhaven council approving their Master Plan to bring much needed green space to benefit nearby neighborhoods (and businesses.) To view the Master Plan click here.
  • A large number of high profile businesses are choosing Atlanta for relocation.
    • Honeywell – New software development center is projected to bring 800 jobs to Midtown.
    • Mercedes-Benz – Leaving New Jersey for Sandy Springs, GA and relocating 1,000 workers.
    • KPMG – Their new innovation hub called “Ignition” brings together software developers, data scientists, and information architects who will create software related to data and analytics, technology business management, taxes, human resources, and cloud computing.
  • The opportunity to help The New School find its permanent home on Memorial Drive. The New School needed a place to go and EpiCity’s team evaluated over a dozen viable sites and found the 10,000 square foot building with the attributes they needed. There is also plenty of land to build in the long-range plan, and the school hopes to grow to 145 high school students. To learn more about The New School, visit
  • We unpacked all of our boxes and files! EpiCity and Epic Development recently moved into our new offices at Armour Junction and we are excited for the sense of the community here. Cheers!
  • Speaking of beer. How about all of the craft breweries opening around Atlanta? The economic impact of beer is nothing to snort at. Did you know that Small and independent American craft brewers contributed $55.7 billion to the U.S. economy in 2014? Georgia has seen substantial growth in breweries in recent years, growing 800 percent from 1995 to 2015. according to new data complied by the National Beer Wholesalers Association through the U.S. Tax and Trade Bureau. Georgia ranks 17th in the nation in terms of economic impact of craft brewing. Considering that we’re one of two states where breweries can’t sell beer (they work around this by selling tours) that’s not half bad.  For recent brewery news, click here.

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