Powers Ferry Business Park new residents

Customer Corner: The English Island

The English Island and its sister companies, The Language Island and The Learning Island, moved into their Powers Ferry Business Park office this past March. It was a short move, across the street to be exact, but one that was a long time coming. Founder and Director Billy Satterwhite had talked to the management at EpiCity about it for several years.

“We needed space to expand, and the location was a great fit,” said Billy. “I had my eye on the 100 Building for a while and I don’t want to move again! In fact, we hope to expand even more at Powers Ferry Business Park.”

The English Island celebrated its 12th anniversary this year. Billy loves working in his new 6,000 SF space and his favorite amenities are the building’s location and visibility: “I love the view from my office and that we are able to spread out in this space, with a mix of classrooms, a student center, and plenty of room for equipment and storage,” said Billy. “It’s what I’ve been dreaming about for over 10 years, and my dream has finally come to fruition.”

Billy has taught English as a Second Language (ESL) for 21 years, first in various schools and then in his own school. Billy is still involved in teaching, but has a network of teachers at his three “Islands” now, and he spends most of his time running the business.

The Islands offer morning, afternoon, and evening classes for groups and individuals. The school also has workplace English and Spanish classes to help professional and tradespeople better communicate. The English Island, which specializes in ESL, is the busiest of the schools. Billy sees a wide array of clients, including families who send their children to study at American Universities who want to improve their English. He also sees students who come to the U.S. to become proficient in English so that they can find better jobs in their home countries.

“I really care about helping people and we strive every day to achieve our Mission Statement, which is to provide the level of English instruction necessary for students to achieve their personal and career goals on the pathway to success. Our approach is one of devotion, passion and integrity,” said Billy.

All of us here at EpiCity are proud to have The English Island call Powers Ferry Business Park home. We wish them continued success in their mission.

For more information, please visit www.TheEnglishIsland.com

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