Brokerage Services Atlanta

Brokerage Services Atlanta

When it comes to brokerage services, Atlanta is covered. Whether you are a landlord looking to fill available space or a tenant/buyer searching for the perfect space to lease or buy, brokers will guide you through the process and represent your best interests.

Tenant Representation

Finding the right space for your requirements and needs can be tough. Site selection can be complicated for a number of reasons. Maybe you’re new to the area and are unaware of which neighborhood best fits your business. You could possibly get roped into buying something without vetting all your possible options and miss out on a fabulous space.

Brokerage services allow you to be confident and secure in your business space. At Epicity, our experienced brokers and senior analysts will take all your needs into account to find the right commercial space that serves you today, and into the future.

Some other components of this process are:

  • Present and future needs analysis
  • Site selection
  • Property availability research
  • Relocation vs. renewal analysis
  • Lease vs. own analysis
  • Lease/contract negotiations
  • All asset types including office, industrial, and retail

Landlord Representation

Another part of the job description when you’re dealing with brokerage services is representing landlords or sellers. It is the job of a commercial broker to evaluate the adjacent trade area and comparable assets to develop a sound strategy for promoting and marketing to prospective tenants or buyers. It is important to find a team whose methods allows for leasing space with eligible, profitable tenants in a timely manner or sell the asset for maximum value. Your broker will determine how each property fits as well as how to make it stand out, whether for a single building or a multi-market portfolio. Specialists in branding, tour strategy, and workplace practices should partner in this process to analyze an asset from different perspectives and propose a strategy to optimize growth and improve leasing velocity.

Brokerage Services Atlanta

EpiCity is a team of experienced real estate professionals working hard to help our partners own and manage their real estate. From construction and build out to property management and leasing, we treat every property like it was our own. If you’re looking for brokerage services, you’ve come to the right place. Get in touch today to get started.

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