Accushield Expands in EpiCity’s Powers Ferry Business Park

Accushield moved into Powers Ferry Business Park in 2014 with help from an EpiCity Atlanta commercial real estate broker, shortly after the company’s inception, where they had a single office in Building 500. A year and one-half later the company outgrew the space and moved into Building 100. In 2017, the company relocated to the 300 Building, where they have expanded twice.  In just eight years the company has expanded from 2,900 square feet to over 12,000 square feet in office space at Powers Ferry Business Park.  The location and single-story configuration with plenty of room to spread out continues to be an ideal fit for Accushield’s needs.

The company’s core mission is “Empowering our customers to enhance safety, security, and the well-being of those we serve, by leveraging industry expertise, data, and technology,” according to Allen Barnes, President and CEO.  Accushield’s sign-in, health screening, and infection prevention and control kiosk solutions are used in 5,800+ senior living and healthcare facilities throughout the U.S., replacing paper logbooks at entrances and focusing on the health and safety of residents, patients, staff, vendors, and visitors in these communities. 

The company’s vision came from Barnes’ business partner and co-founder, Charles Mann, whose father had been very involved in the care of seniors, a vulnerable population, and saw the need for a more digital and efficient way to track who is coming in and out of these communities. 

They started out with just the two co-founders and now have a staff of 79 in-house and 30+ contractor software developers.  

“We’ve seen an increase from the health screening standpoint and our business has grown year after year,” said Barnes.  “EpiCity has been a great partner to us and Tom (Stokes) made an effort early on to understand our business and has helped structure our space and our lease every step of the way.”

According to Barnes it’s the little things that really make a difference, too.  “On-site facility management, helping to meet the day-to-day needs is important to us,” said Barnes.  “The service Allen Morrow and Linda Montgomery provide is incredible.  They make us feel welcome and are great people.  If we ever need something, they are there for us.”

As for amenities, Barnes says the conference room is a “big deal for us and we have used it many times.”  When asked what Barnes likes the best about his job, it really comes down to people.  “I like to spend time with the team,” he says.  “We have an incredible culture and talented group of people, and we have a lot of fun.”

EpiCity is grateful to have such an outstanding company call Powers Ferry Business Park home.

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