atlanta commercial property management company uses technology to help tenant.

3 Ways Atlanta Commercial Property Management Companies Leverage Technology to Help Property Owners

If tenants are still mailing you checks and calling for maintenance requests, it’s definitely time for an upgrade. EpiCity’s Atlanta commercial property management services offers property owners technology that can save time and increase profitability such as convenient online tenant payments, proven digital marketing strategies, and real-time reporting for investors just to name a few. Keep reading or check this page out to learn how EpiCity can optimize your asset operations.

Online Tenant Payments and Maintenance Requests

As most property owners know, getting paid rent on time is the most important and sometimes most stressful part of being a landlord. Online payments help property owners greatly reduce this stress by offering tenants an online portal to instantly pay their monthly rent in one convenient place.

Online portals are where tenants can also submit maintenance requests to their property management teams. Providing each tenant a convenient place to complete both these tasks reduces stress and creates a better client experience.

Faster Communication

Anyone leasing a place online knows the quicker the response time, the higher the conversion rate. That’s why EpiCity’s Atlanta commercial property management team handles all new leads from phone calls to website forms. We quickly respond to calls, texts, and emails to book more tours at your property.

Total Asset Management

At EpiCity, we know what it takes to proactively manage and optimize a real estate asset. By leveraging our total asset management services, you’ll benefit from lower costs and better service. We are a single point of contact for all property management related services saving you time and headache. Our proactive approach ensures your real estate asset is well-maintained avoiding costly unforeseen repairs and a more predictable maintenance schedule.   Everything from general property management to planning out profit maximization, EpiCity has you covered.

Atlanta Commercial Property Management

EpiCity Real Estate Services has been creating solutions since 1935 across three generations. That sort of experience doesn’t come without learning a thing or two about what it takes to make a property successful. Reach out today to learn how EpiCity’s Atlanta commercial property management team can help.

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