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Unlock Asset Value with These Property Maintenance Services

Real estate differs from most other investments because the upkeep required to maintain value is a much more active process. Without constant attention to the state of your property, you could see the valuation begin to drop. If your real estate asset has fallen into disrepair or isn’t performing as well as you anticipated, it might be time to consider these property maintenance services.

Exterior Property Maintenance Services

From your building’s grounds to the façade, the first impression someone gets when they look at your commercial property matters. A study printed in the Journal of Arboriculture found that landscaped properties positively impacted rental rates by approximately 7%. With such an important impression occurring before stepping foot inside, the exterior of your property matters.

There are some predictable services to improve your asset’s curb appeal, such as fresh paint, pristine landscaping, and attractive signage. However, there are other property maintenance services that you may not have considered, such as concrete repair and lighting fixture installation.

Interior Property Maintenance Services

Keeping your tenants happy is one of the most important aspects of managing a successful real estate investment, and regularly performing interior property maintenance services goes lengths to keep them satisfied. There are two main types of maintenance: Responsive and preventative.

  • Responsive — Responsive maintenance is the easiest to identify because it occurs after something has already happened, such as repairing damaged drywall or fixing a broken light fixture. However, responsive maintenance can be costly because of the potential for extensive damage caused by lapses in regular maintenance. Using an online portal for property maintenance requests is an easy way for tenants to alert you of maintenance proactively.
  • Preventative — Identifying the potential for problems and intervening before any damage is caused falls into preventative maintenance. Thoroughly examining utilities, such as electrical and plumbing, can help avoid catastrophes such as fires and flooding.

Better Property Management in Atlanta

Keeping up with the demands of maintaining your real estate asset can be exhausting. The range of property maintenance services that your real estate asset needs will vary depending on the circumstances, but keeping maintenance top of mind will pay dividends. If you are interested in unlocking the value of your assets, reach out to us for a property maintenance consultation.

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