EpiCity Lends a Leasing Hand to ATIS

ATIS Voice and Data Recording has been located at 1005 Alderman Drive, Suite 107, in Alpharetta since 2012. The business started in 1984 and the current owner took over in 1986. However, due to the changes in the way of conducting business and the business model over the last few years, the office space has become more than what the company requires. Thus, it was decided it was time to operate from a smaller space to better serve its customers. The owner, Peter Lorenz, had worked with a broker who had originally found them this suite in the office park, but he was unable to help at this time. So, Peter did what many people do – he went online to see who could help sublease this space.

They contacted a few different brokers, and according to his office manager, Tanja Berry, EpiCity stood out from the rest. “EpiCity responded quickly,” said Tanja. “We had a good initial call with Tom (Stokes) who explained the process of subleasing very well. Even though we had been involved in leases before, this was our first sublease.”

The next step was getting the suite ready and having the showings. “EpiCity coordinated everything that needed to be done, like carpet cleaning and getting the suite ready,” said Tanja. “And Allen (Morrow) was so good about keeping us in the loop before every showing.”

Everything happened so quickly, and a new tenant was found who was ready to move in right away.  Now, Shingle Magic Atlanta has its office there. “ATIS has been accommodating and helpful during our transition into the space,” said Ray Muldrew of Shingle Magic Atlanta. “We are very happy with the location and office space.” 

“The process was great, and Ray has been terrific to work with, too,” said Tanja.  “It’s a very good match and we’re happy with the way it all worked out. EpiCity knew all the ins and outs of how to sublease our suite and it was so helpful to have them handle it on our behalf.”

A successful Atlanta commercial brokerage, like EpiCity, works with both tenants and building owners. Our commercial brokers provide clients with a specialized plan and an easy point of contact while never shying away from a unique or challenging project. Atlanta office space availability is constantly changing, so it’s important to reach out to a professional commercial real estate brokerage that has the insight and connections that can only be made over 80 years of being in business.

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