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EpiCity, a division of Epic Partners, has been working in Atlanta real estate for a very long time. Since 1935, we have been investing in Atlanta in various forms and have continually found success. Today, our foundation is stronger than ever and our principals continue to build upon it.

Epic Partners currently manages a portfolio of over $100 million in commercial and multifamily income producing real estate assets. We are offering an opportunity for partners to diversify their portfolio into real estate and see consistent returns. We have opportunities that match many levels of risk. Whether you are looking for stable returns on a cash flow investment or an asset repositioning to create significant value, we can accommodate you.

Atlanta is ripe with opportunity in the commercial and residential real estate markets. All our deals are unique so we encourage you to contact us about current offerings. We also have options to deploy capital through opportunity zone funds and other tax advantaged projects.

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Case Study

The infographic to right portrays the actual results of a recent commercial real estate investment sponsored by Epic Partners. The asset was purchased, refurbished, leased and sold within 15 months yielding a 24.7% annualized rate of return on the investment. Interestingly, a separate group of Epic Partners investors purchased the stabilized asset and they are now realizing an impressive 9.2% annual cash on cash return of their investment.